293 diagonal [PT]

Membrana [Membrane], by 293 Diagonal, was one of Carimbo’s releases in 2022, and it is presented live at this festival on the stage of Rivoli’s small auditorium.
Prolific and tireless singer and composer Joana Raquel enters a duo with original and virtuoso saxophone player Daniel Sousa. Between song, improvisation and electronics, Joana Raquel and Daniel Sousa merge their influences through more experimental approaches, wishing to create a non-conventional, performing and intimate space.
The duo sprouted outside one of the doors numbered 293 in the city of Porto, and it has been engaging in collaborations for the last two years, of which stand out the participation in the programme Fluir Som, curated by Associação Robalo in partnership with MAAT – Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology, and the release of their first album, Membrana, to which we can listen live here.

“Membrana presents a view on everyday life. It portrays the delicacy of action, memory and anticipation. It looks at non-chronological time from several perspectives and embraces it. Contamination. The membrane wishes to break (itself).”

Joana Raquel – voice
Daniel Sousa – saxophone and electronics

Brought to you by Festival Porta Jazz

Photo: Rosana Sousa