Kanton6 [MK]

Kanton6 is a pioneer crossover project, dating back to year 2000. Purely an intellectual outburst, it came out of two very distinct mind labs. Sinisha Evtimov is a leading box office Macedonian theater director, as well as guitarist and a music producer and Mirko Popov, who easily qualifies as one of the leading all around musical figures in the last 30 years in the country. Based on experienced dance beat, Kanton6 builds on live improvisation, involving any given musical, or non musical idea: fake mythology, cunning use of traditionalism and steady inflow of quality jazz. The latest addition to thee Kanton6 sound is a legendary Macedonian jazz trombonist, Mr. Vladan Drobicki, appearing as an inspiration and a challenge for breaking some new ground. The Instant result comes in a form of an album, Magickaly named Jazzus. Apart from the obvious ancient Macedonian mysticism, it brings quite an authentic jazz - electronic crossover. Rich in expression, bold and musically beautiful adventure, ready to hit the road and be expressed live.

Mirko Popov (machine, vocal)
Sinisha Evtimov (synths, guitar)
Vladan Drobicki (trombone)

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