Ola Rzepka [PL]


Artist in residence 2022

Network music services unanimously compliment her creativity, innovative approach to the matter of sound. She grew up in a house with classical traditions, but she conquered the music scene by playing drums in her own formation Drekoty, in which she composes and writes lyrics, and by taking part in projects and concerts of Pogodno, Vovoko, Alte Zachen (with Raphael Rogiński) or Mitch&Mitch.
But this is one side of the coin. Aleksandra Rzepka has been involved in educational activities for many years. She has an obvious basis for it: she graduated from the Academy of Music in Katowice at the Faculty of Composition, Interpretation, Education and Jazz, she also received a prestigious scholarship of the Rhytmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen in the piano and percussion class. She has honed her musical and educational experience at the largest Polish festivals of avant-garde, improvised and jazz music, such as: Opener, Przystanek Woodstock, OFF Festival, Męskie Granie, Ars Cameralis, Inne Brzmienia, Jazz Jantar. She has also collaborated with the National Audiovisual Institute and the Polish Institute in Vienna.

Ola Rzepka uses Dalcroze's Rhythmics (expressing music through movement) as a working method in the process of education of all age groups. She is also close to Pauline Oliveros' ideas expressed in the concept of the so-called radical attention 'Deep Listening' (tranquility and awareness as a basis for opening to the sound dimension of the environment). She has also repeatedly engaged in workshop work with socially excluded people, activating these communities and integrating them around music.

In the first edition of JazzCamp For Girls, Ola Rzepka will be a trainer of improvisation and the basics of jazz composition.