Paal Nilssen-Love [NO] LARGE UNIT


"A hellish, monolithic colossus. A new chapter in the history of jazz big bands" is how Euan Andrews wrote about the Large Unit in the pages of "Rock'n'Roll".

In fact, it is not a big band, but a response to the big band tradition. All compositions are the work of Paal Nilssen-Love, founder of LU.

The band is now made up of a dozen or so Scandinavian instrumentalists of the younger generation associated with improvised music.

Nilssen-Love focuses on freedom, the music meanders between improvisation, experiments with sound, fun and seriousness. On stage, this mixture is truly explosive. The new incarnation of the band - Extra Large Unit - has recently debuted with the album "More Fun, Please".

Large Unit will play at JAzzArt Festival in the following line-up:

Niklas Barnö [SE] - trumpet
Mats Äleklint [SE] - trombone
Kristoffer Alberts [NO] - tenor and alto saxophone
Julie Kjær [DK] - alto saxophone and flute
Hanne De Backer [BE] - baritone saxophone
Per Åke Holmlander [SE] - tuba
Kalle Moberg [NO] - accordion
Terrie Ex [NL] - electric guitar
Tommi Keranen [FI] - electronics
Ingebrigt Håker Flaten [NO] - double bass and electric bass
Christian Meaas Svendsen [NO] - double bass and electric bass guitar
Andreas Wildhagen [NO] - drums and percussion
Paal Nilssen-Love [NO] - drums and percussion
Celio de Carvalho [BR/NO] - drums

At the 11th KJAF LU will perform on 30.04.2022

Photo: Peter-Gannushkin