Stefan Pasborg


Three-time Danish Music Awards winner Stefan Pasborg is a highly energetic drummer from Copenhagen's cultural melting pot. He has performed and recorded with musicians such as John Tchicai, Marc Ducret, Ellery Eskelin, Tomasz Stanko, Ray Anderson, Tim Berne, Palle Danielsson, Anders Jormin, Miroslav Vitous, Michael Formanek, Dawda Jobarteh and Mikko Innanen, among others. He has toured most of Europe, as well as the USA, Canada, Africa and Asia - both as a leader and sideman. He is a founding member of successful bands such as Ibrahim Electric, Pasborgs Odessa XL, Toxikum, Firebirds, Free Moby Dick, Delirium, and regularly performs solo concerts. At the Danish Music Awards 2004, he was named 'New Jazz Fame of the Year' and his album 'Toxikum' was named 'Jazz Discovery of the Year'. His first release as a leader, 'TriplePoint' (ILK 2007), was selected for the world's TOP 5! Best Debut Albums of 2007 by the American magazine The New York City Jazz Record, and his album 'Pasborg Odessa X-tra Large' received a Grammy at the Danish Music Awards 2011.

Photo by Stephen Freiheit