Susana Santos Silva [PT/SE]

Joana Linda


Susana Santos Silva is a leading figure in the Portuguese free jazz and improvised music scene. She began playing the baroque trumpet, honed her talent at the Music College in Porto, today she also swaps the trumpet for the flute and flugelhorn and is constantly expanding the spectrum of influences and expressions of the instruments. All About Jazz recognises her as one of the most distinctive voices of European avant-garde jazz. Downbeat adds: 'Hypnotic, intense, intoxicating'. The artist currently lives in Sztoholm (Sweden).

At the 11th Katowice JazzArt Festival Susana will perform in a double role: as a member of a duo and as a band leader.

In the duo she will play with Torbjörn Zetterberg - double bassist and composer, known for his collaboration with Jonas Kulhammer. Their music covers a wide spectrum of styles and genres - from classical and contemporary music to jazz. Intense, bold and creative. Perfectly balanced between composition and improvisation.

Susana's quintet "Impermanence" consists of (besides the artist) João Pedro Brandão on alto saxophone (and flute), Hugo Raro on piano, Torbjörn Zetterberg on double bass and Marcos Cavaleiro on percussion. All compositions are based on Santos Silva's original themes - open to contemporary, aesthetic diversity, highlighting the dynamics of the ensemble and the individual qualities of each instrumentalist. Complete creative freedom, seductive melodies, excellent compositions, broad horizons - these are the undoubted features of the project and its authors.

The 11th KJAF will show both projects on 29.04.2022.