Suzanne Trio [FR]


Hélène Duret - clarinets/vocals
Pierre Tereygeol - guitar/vocals
Maëlle Desbrosses - viola/vocals

They are young, they just qualified for the finals of Jazz Migration #7 and released the excellent album "Berthe".

The trio consists of two wind instruments: clarinet and alto saxophone (Hélène Duret, Maëlle Desbrosses), Pierre Tereygol's guitar and their vocals.

They play acoustic jazz without special effects and without complexes. The history of music is reflected in their music as in a mirror: great names, aesthetics, genres. There is a lot of impression, discreet irony and above all great joy of playing. Addictive jazz.

The trio will appear at the 11th KJAF on 28.04.2022

Photo: Laurent Vilarem