Wacław Zimpel & Alex Freiheit [PL]


Alex Freiheit - lyrics, vocals
Wacław Zimpel - music, alto clarinet, electronics

Is Siksa dead? Not necessarily. It is still here, but additionally Alex Freiheit has been born - a new alterego of singer and performer Aleksandra Anna Dudczak.

Together with Wacław Zimpel - another phenomenon of the Polish improvised scene - she created the 75-minute musical poem "PROGROM". It was presented for the first time at the City of Asylum in Pittsburgh as part of Jazz Poetry Month.

This unique show took place and was recorded in an abandoned communist era swimming pool. At the JazzArt Festival, "PROGROM" will be presented in a specially prepared double (!) space emphasizing the feeling of isolation.

At the 11th KJAF the duo will appear on 28.04.2022