Yuliya Musakovska [UA]

photo: Nastya Telikova


Born in 1982. Is a Ukrainian poet and translator, a memberof PEN Ukraine. She is the author of five poetry collections,The God of Freedom(2021),Men, Women and Children(2015),Hunting the Silence(2014),Masks(2011), andExhaling, Inhaling (2010). Her poems have been translated into English, German, Spanish, Lithuanian, Hebrew, Polish, Bulgarian, etc. A translator of Tomas Tranströmer into Ukrainian, Yuliya also translates contemporary Ukrainian authors into English. She is the recipient of numerous literary awards in Ukraine, including Krok Publishing House’s DICTUM Prize (2014), the Smoloskyp Poetry Award (2010), the Ostroh Academy Vytoky Award (2010), the Bohdan Antonych Prize (2009), and the Hranoslov Award (2008).

Photo: Nastya Telikova